About Dr. Denny Thompson


Dr. Denn didn't always want to be a Relationship Expert. He was a jazz musician, a

Chiropractic Acupuncturist, and Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner and Author. But

after he was hit by a truck, he realized it wasn't a truck that HIT him but his last

relationship. He had come face to face with the MOST TOXIC FORCE KNOWN TO

MAN.....a Bad Relationship.


His own relationship journey may have been a lot like yours. Maybe worse, maybe

better. A death of a child, another stricken with cancer, a failed marriage and another

one heading that way. He was filled with depression and a sense of failure.

All he had wanted was a Natural Love, free of tension, free of argument.

That is until he came to the Relationship Turing Point that gave him a startling

personal revelation that changed his life thereafter. From that time on, he understood

the purpose of a relationship. He understood how to get his needs met and how to teach

others to get theirs met. He understood how to get a LIVE WELL LOVED.

From that experience, Dr. Denn was inspired to write another book called 12 Ways of

Love where he described his discovery of the 12 Brain Signals that create happiness in



He then created the Your Brain, On Love relationship programs that teaches the

practical ways to get your needs met by understanding that there are 12 Brain Signals

that RUN your Love Relationship Life and your Business Relationship


Since then, Dr. Denn has been teaching the information to people all over the country

how to design a nurturing relationship.