Praise for the Love Codes

There is lots of it.      See below.

Jon S.

“Dr. Denny helped me understand how caught up in my own illusions I was.”



“I’ve learned to understand, being the extra sensitive person that I am, I tend to make up a lot of “stuff”. For instance, if someone said they did not have time to talk to me I would get upset and feel like I’m not important to them. When in reality they are just busy and will call me back later. I know this sounds simple but for me this concept applies to a lot of other areas of my life. When I am in an emotional conversation I have learned to live in reality rather than be drug down by illusions and the things I make up. This has been a very powerful tool in my life.  






“Thank you for the brilliant insight into our lives with your work. I can try to enumerate how it had helped but will certainly find words to be inadequate.

I am married to the love of my life and his love codes are a bit different than mine. He said to me recently that acknowledging me deeply is something that he bagan to do after her learned that my “Love

Code” was words of praise. He noted that before he felt those things but it didn’t always occur to him that I needed to hear them and I notice how loved I feel when he expresses to me the way he feels".  





“I took Dr. Thompson’s ‘Love Codes’ course several months ago, and as a result have had many breakthroughs in both my relationship with my girlfriend and my relationship with my own self. However, I’m most surprised (and pleased!) to be seeing continual benefit from that work, even now.

Specifically, I am present to the necessity of having ‘boundaries’ for myself - in every area of my life. Before the seminar, if you would’ve asked me, I would’ve said “Of course, I have boundaries! Who doesn’t?”

“Now I see that I never really knew what boundaries were, much less had any. My life was dependent on pleasing others. I had no power because I constantly gave it away. My Self-Expression had no hope, as I didn’t allow myself to say what I want.

“Really, it’s hard to imagine information for one’s life that could be morefoundational.

“The sign of a good program is that one receives benefits from the work. The sign of a masterful program is that new benefits arrive for the rest of one’s life. Witnessing the profound growth of my last few months since doing his program, I’m betting that Dr. Thompson’s program falls into the latter category. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants deeper insight into their self, or support of goals in their life.”







Dr Denny used his special blend of relationship medicine to find and begin to heal a hurt I had been able to hide from myself for many years. In a short session one afternoon he helped me discover a deep wound from my childhood and help me see it in a new light. Since that session my leadership abilities have blossomed because I no longer believe a lie that held me back. I highly recommend his approach to personal growth and healing  because it is rooted in truth and effective. 








D.O. Minnesota

The love codes were right on for me!

Just want to let you know what a difference knowing them has made in my life.

Since I found out I have Magical Mystery Tour, I am giving myself permission to live thaqt way. I changed my job, enrolled in school for certification as a Yoga Therapist, and am incorporating mystical moments in our upcoming wedding ceremony.

My fiance is very pleased with all the change and it enhances our relationship.l

That you again for your work.



     Suzanne L


“This course is very powerful and has great insight on relationships” .


          Ms. S

“When my nine-year-old was two, I found myself in a constant state of wondering why do the alphabet magnets on the refrigerator have to be in such perfect order for her, can’t she lighten up, and the battle was on. Now that I have an understand that her love languages are “Organizine for Perfection” it seems so clear to me and I speak to her in a whole different way.


I don’t ask if she wants to clean her room, I ask if she wants to organize her closet. I notice that she wants to understand the steps in the process before she’s willing to take a step and I try to aquiese to it. I see that her gift in the world is to order the world around her and I am so grateful for that understanding and now we have peace.


                 M Wagner


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Dr. Denny Thompson as he talked me through what my unique Relationship Codes were.    Even though my marriage is a happy one, I still felt that everything that Denny said was very relevant, very accurate and most importantly of all, useful!    

Understanding the ways that I want and need to feel valued and nurtured, and also how I express my love and care for others was so insightful and I can see the information being important for someone seeking help with any relationship, or for a greater awareness of themselves.   

Dr. Denny Thompson is very knowledgable in his fields of expertise but also has a great sense of humor - I highly recommend taking the time to discover your own Relationship Codes with him.


Manager of Dating Service


“It has given me the freedom to walk away from two serious relationships that were not nurturing for me. Something I never could have done three years ago. I know now I need to be nurtured and understand why I need to be nurtured. Because I was able to see what was real and understand that people get to do what they want. They get to nurture me if they want, and if they don’t I can leave to find someone that can make me happy by nurturing me.



B.O  Colorado


“I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Thompson for a couple of years and during this time my life has changed tremendously. Whether it’s a situation that I can now see both sides of or learning how to give recognizable love to the people I care about, I can see people for who they are. Working with Dr. Thompson has allowed me a personal freedom I wish I could share with the world.


     Karen M.

“I found this program not just about relationships but also about personal growth and understanding of one’s self. It will guide me towards a successful relationship in the future”