What Do I Mean?

Difficult relationships can negatively affect your health. 

In other words, they can make you sick.

And a chronic health condition can stress your relationship.






You may think that your emotions and character always

remain steady but all you need do to is look at how you are 

when you are stressed and not feeling well.

Even you can get a little cranky and experience increased

irritability, anxiety, anxiousness, anger, depression and more.



Did you know that if you are ill, your

emotional response to your partner will change?

And you may not even feel all that sick, maybe

just a little tired or rundown, just a little sluggish

and grumpy yet your emotional reaction to your partner

becomes heightened.


You get short tempered with your partner, unable to give them slack and/or nurturing.


Things that would normally slide off your back are seen as absolute justification to start World War III.

And it is the same for them when they feel that way.

We have all been there.

We are all been a little unbalanced occasionally.

And most of the time people do not understand what is happening.

And then things get worse.

Your relationship starts to crumble.

What are you supposed to do?  

We teach our retreat participants  to access a Self-Help Tool Box therapy protocols that are very practical that simply enliven the body and mind while stimulating your sluggish system.

For instance, there are easy ways to wake up your sluggish liver by using a vibratory device that stimulates the Liver meridian on your your leg.

And you don't have to go to Acupuncture school to learn this.

Or there are devices that can stimulate your brain neurotransmitters to help you increase pleasure in your life and reduce pain.

We use them all the time.

These fall into the heading of wellness tools.








Many times that's all you need to do to bring yourself back online

and feeling better. 

Then you are not cranky and you don't fight with your partner.

Seriously, it is a very useful Self-Help Tool Box



Is You Taking Care

of You.

We can teach you.