Private Phone Sessions

Yes, you can have a Private Phone Sessions with Dr. Denny.
Sometimes you just need help right way.
Just send us an email and we can set it up for you.  
Or call 303-247-1515

What if you knew the Love Code

that could actually give you what you needed in a relationship, without constant effort and struggle?

What if you knew the

Love Code

that could give you a relationship that was

free of tension and argument?






You can be part of a
Group Healing Retreat
Or you can book a
4 Day
Relationship Intensive:
One on One
with Dr. Denny
Some people just like an in person face to face conversation.
For several years we have been offering extended sessions for people who want and need to look at their life in a deeper way, sort out the source of their trauma, move on to a drama free life, have clarity in their relationships, and find a renewed purpose in life.