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You want 3 things in your partner.

You want them to be…..

Healthy Mentally,

Healthy Emotionally,

Healthy Physically.



a Life Well Loved

Is Within Reach


Healthy Loving with Dr. Denny


Over the years, I found out that there are really only 2 things you need to know.....

about healing your relationships.

1st... You have to know how to love your partner in the way they need to be loved.....which means you have to know their Love Intelligence Codes and...


2nd... You have to know how

Not to kill the love that is already there.

         That’s it.

It couldn’t be easier.

What Are We Gonna Learn? 

You will learn:


1. How knowing Love Intelligence heals your relationships.

2. Why the practice of Relationship  Intelligence heals relationships.

3. How healing your relationships can heal your body.

4. How healing your body can heal your relationships.

5. How a bad relationship can make you sick.

6. Why learning your Relationship Love Intelligence Codes is essential to your personal healing.

7. Why learning your Relationship Codes is essential to your partner'.

8. How learning your Love Intelligence Codes can help you find your purpose.


                The Schedule?

You will be in Sedona or Boulder for 4 days.

The sessions are from

2-6 Thursday, Friday, Saturday

and 9-1:00 on Sunday.

                   And What Are We Going To Do For 4 Hours Everyday?

The overall program Level 1 consists of the following topics.

  1. Relationship Medicine: Learning the Twelve Love Intelligence Codes

  2. Relationship Intelligence: Learning the Purpose of a Relationship

  3. Emotional Intelligence: Learning how to have High Emotional Intelligence, and how to get out of Low Emotional Intelligence Spirit of a Relationship Skill Set: 

  4. The Spirit of a relationship means that you know that your job is to nurture your partner, not hurt them. 

  5. How Not To Kill The Love That Is Already There: This topic is the key to success. With out it your relationship is doomed. And that's why we include it. 

  6. A daily introduction to the concepts of Natural Body Healing Therapies. 

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Are you still wondering what to do with your relationship?

You know you can’t live without

being loved.