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You want them to be.....

Healthy Mentally,


and Physically

You want 3 things in a partner.

This is what it could look like. 

Relationship Healing Retreats



But sometimes it just doesn’t turn out that way.


And your partner wanted the same thing.

That too, didn’t happen if you are totally honest.

This is what it looks like now.

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You started out loving each other,


but over the years your relationship devolved into hours, days, months

and years of resentment, anger and contempt.

And today, you are still married and stuck in the most dangerous, toxic condition known to man...a difficult relationship.


What do you do now?

End it or heal it.

​If you want to end it, get a lawyer.

If you want to heal it, come to our Relationship Healing Retreat.

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Heal the body and heal the relationship.
Heal the relationship and heal the body.

Your partner needs to do the same.
There is no blame, only healing.

           How Do I Heal Myself and Become

Healthy Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically?

The answer is “I heal by using a holistic approach to transforming relationships,                  transforming my mind, emotions and my body.

 I heal myself by knowing that both my partner and I need to get our needs met.

I heal myself by learning our Love Intelligence Codes.


I heal myself by understanding the concept of Emotional Love Intelligence.

I heal myself by understanding that my body needs to be nurtured and loved

through the application of Natural Healing Techniques. 

Are you still wondering what to do with your relationship?

You have 2 choices.

If you choose to heal it, you may be able to save your relationship. 

But if you choose to end it before you choose to heal yourself,  the relationship disaster that you just left behind will  happen again with a different person, a different name, a different address, the same issues, and you are still miserable.

Couple looking back.jpg

So, you really only have 1 choice.

Heal Yourself so you can be in a healthy relationship.

Couples, come to our

Relationship Healing Retreat

and fall in love again!

Relationship Healing Retreats

- a retreat for the

Healing and Repair of

Broken Relationships,

Broken Hearts and

Broken Bodies

Heal Your Body,

Heal Your Relationships

Heal Your Relationships,

Heal Your Body